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Sports, Hobbies, and Recreation are areas where we can afford to make mistakes and improve. Patent Law isn’t.

Most experienced people who face complex and important issues don’t leave things to chance by attempting to do it themselves.

This is the reason why anyone who is serious about protecting their new invention, design or IP from falling into the hands of copycats and competitors doesn’t leave the process up to chance by trying to do everything themselves (or by trusting an inexperienced consultant to assist them).

You may have found an innovation or design that you want to use to impact the world or grow your business... but patent law is a complex, confusing and chaotic area that requires very strict compliance.

To properly protect your invention, you will need to understand the laws and regulations and develop the skills needed to properly draft the patent and navigate the complex process of prosecuting it.

You will need skills like:

Properly writing an application and meeting all requirements necessary

Writing technically and using specific language and jargon for your claims

Drafting up the claims to give effective and wide protection without falling foul of the rules

Strategizing the filing so that you do not accidentally lose your rights of protection in other countries

Producing an accurate drawing of your invention or design

In the short-term you’ll sacrifice a huge amount of time and energy. In the long-term you may very well lose the rights and value of your ideas and innovations.

This isn’t an area where you can afford to make mistakes - and our team of specialists can help you effectively protect the value of your invention.

By using an experienced and trusted patent lawyer, you can protect your intellectual property as thoroughly as possible.

Instead, get the clarity and peace of mind to focus on what really matters - making and impact on the world and securely monetising your invention.

You’ll save yourself from countless headaches like:

Spending hours, days, and weeks researching guidelines and proper procedures

Learning every complex skill needed to go through every single step required

Painstakingly going through the motions and hoping that you didn’t make a mistake (that may be too late to now fix)

Spending sleepless nights wondering “Am I protected? Did I do everything right? Is my invention airtight and secure from competitors and imitators?”




Chun Woei believes in changing the world, one innovation, one improvement at a time.

With over twenty-five years of global experience in intellectual property and corporate work, Chun Woei has established a reputation of a pragmatic lawyer that clients turn to for reliable and practical advice.

Chun Woei has led many successful anti-piracy operations both locally and in the region.  SMEs, MNCs and government-related entities alike value his strategic insights and advice in their commercial transactions. Chun Woei was invited by WIPO in providing training to government IP officials under the “Training the Experts Program”.

Today, Chun Woei has become a leading figure in intellectual property and corporate practice. He is frequently invited to provide mentorship to innovative companies.

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1) What is the patent filing process like?

Below is a simplified description of the patent registration process in Singapore. The actual process is more complicated but follows the general steps below.

Once a draft is confirmed with the applicant, the application will be filed. Please note that if the applicant plans to file the patent in another country first, security clearance has to be obtained before filing the application.

Assuming you are filing in Singapore, IPOS will review the application for formal compliance. If all formal requirements are complied with, a notification with the official filing date and application number will be issued. If the applicant wishes to file the patent in another country relying on the Paris Convention or via the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), it should be done within a year of filing the patent. The contents of the application will be published one year from the date of filing.

The next phase is an examination. The examiner will determine if the contents of the application meet the requirements for the grant. This stage takes a long time as the examination is detailed and usually there are questions or objections that need to be addressed.

Once the examiner is satisfied, the patent is then registered and you will have an official patent registration number.

Please note that annual maintenance fees are payable to keep a patent registered. These fees get higher the older the patent.

2) How much does it cost?

As there are many factors to consider, there is no exact amount. But to begin, be prepared to spend between SGD $4,000 to SGD $10,000 for drafting and another SGD $2,000 for filing.

3) What can be patented?

There are three things that you can patent, the first being for inventions which can include a machine, an article of manufacture, a method of doing something etc. Secondly, there are also plant patents/ variety protection, granted for the development or discovery for certain kinds of plants. This includes plants altered by genetic engineering. Lastly, you can patent registered designs, covering the ornamental appearance of a useful device, but not its function.

If you believe you have something that can be patented, contact us today.

For a patent to be granted, the invention must be capable of doing something in the real world, “New / Novel” (not already disclosed to the public), and "Not Obvious" (decided by a subjective test from the perspective of a person with reasonable skill in the field).

4) How long does it take?

The time it takes to successfully get your patent can vary, but from filing to obtaining your patent, it typically takes 3-4 years for local filing. This is dependent on complexity of the invention, amendment(s), the search and examination processes etc.

For a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filing, it can take up to 6 years as it will involve other international authorities before it will eventually be communicated to the designated offices to grant the patent.

*Some situations may vary on a case by case basis. Do call us to enquire.

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